Things to Know about a Yiddish Dictionary

Although debate still rages on as to whether Yiddish is a separate language of its own or not, most will agree to the definition that Yiddish is a High German language with its distinctive origins in the Ashkenazi Jewish group. As insular as its origins may have been, it is now spoken all over the world in countries as diverse as the United States, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Moldova, Australia and France.

With many words borrowed from German dialects fused with Hebrew, Aramaic and Slavic languages, Yiddish also lends many of its words to the English language. We can mention chutzpah, klutz and kosher as among three of the numerous words English speakers have adopted into the language with ease. However, not all Yiddish words can be easily understood non non-speakers and so in comes the Yiddish dictionary.

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