Reasons for Turning to a Yiddish Dictionary

Knowing the true meaning of a Yiddish word adopted by the English language is just one of the many reasons for looking into the possibility of owning a Yiddish dictionary. Other individuals have more expansive reasons for looking at a Yiddish dictionary, be it online or on old-fashioned text.

You may have decided to learn Yiddish for personal purposes, which a Yiddish dictionary will come in handy to look up new words. Your forays into the world of Yiddish literature yielded new words that you have no prior knowledge of and a Yiddish dictionary will definitely help in understanding these new words, thus, appreciating the literature in a new light as well. You can also refer to the Yiddish dictionary to finally know what your family and friends, who are more fluent in the Yiddish language than you possibly can be in the near future, were saying under their breaths about you - no need to like the words, of course, but it is good to finally know.

Your new job also demands working with plenty of Yiddish speakers and increasing your knowledge of the words will be good for your career and your professional relationships with co-workers. You may already be fluent in the Yiddish language but when talking to Yiddish speakers from other countries with whom you have no other common language, you are stumped for words.

Indeed, there are so many reasons to turn to a Yiddish dictionary in the course of speaking, reading and writing in the language. But beware as the Yiddish language may be a very important language in the world but it does not have a standard comprehensive monolingual or bilingual dictionary in the tradition of, say, Merriam-Webster's English dictionary. Many people have to resort to consulting at least half a dozen books - reference sources, German dictionary and even an online dictionary like - to offset such an absence.

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